my story

the real story

Oh wow. Where to even begin?

I’m a private chef on Maui living my dream: cooking beautiful food in a beautiful place for beautiful people.

I’m a Northern Californian girl who grew up between the redwood forest and wine country with Grateful Dead obsessed parents and used my innate passion for hospitality to work my way up the food chain (pun intended).

I began working in the kitchen in local restaurants when I was sixteen and fell as much in love with the fast-paced environments as I did with hospitality. When I moved to San Francisco at eighteen, I continued hospitality work and attended the California Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu program. My early twenties were a blur of long days and late nights working all positions available in the city’s restaurants and nightlife, supporting production and dancing at music festivals, and then long international sabbaticals where I would backpack and volunteer on organic farms, falling deeper in love with food and the stories woven into each culture’s cuisines.

When I was twenty-five I had what I now refer to as my “quarter-life crisis” – and I quit restaurant work to find something easier on my body and my spirit. I tried my hand at travel writing. I worked for innovative winemakers in sales and marketing. I learned how to design websites and manipulate basic code. I took a doula certification and worked to support natural birth education. I studied circus arts and learned how to fly. I did everything I could to find meaning and purpose.

Finally, when I started volunteering to teach inner-city teens healthy cooking, I found something that combined my love of food with my love of people. I continued teaching, and in the process of this, relearned how to love the art of cooking. I was asked to cater a yoga retreat in Joshua Tree Desert, and although it was the hardest thing I had ever done, I felt empowered and innovated. I decided that cooking for others with love and intention would be my path.

After a decade of city life, I moved to Maui and began my journey to where I am today. I threw myself into cooking, yoga, holistic health, and wellness, and allowed myself the space to explore my true calling.

Now, I still call Maui home, and my work and passions intermingle through private chef work and specialty catering. On my off time I’m learning about new food, developing recipes, doing yoga or at the gym, hiking mountains, scaling waterfalls, and surfing small waves on my big board. I love to travel for both work and pleasure and love eating my way across cultures, finding inspiration equally in Thai street markets and Napa fine dining restaurants.

Overall I’m incredibly grateful for this life, this island, and the opportunities I’ve found that allow me to do what I love for a living. I can’t wait to see what recipe, opportunity, or adventure is next!

That’s my story! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me for chef services in Maui! Click below to submit a service request.

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