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My food is my art, the truest way I’ve found to combine my loves of travel, hospitality, and wellness into one place. My classic chef menus showcase a fine-dining contemporary experience in a thoughtful non-pretentious setting. I am a proud woman chef in a male-dominated market, and I love bringing in femininity, thoughtfulness, and playfulness in my work. I frequently cook for families and for yoga retreats and know that hospitality and mindfulness are just as important in the kitchen (and in your home) as is my professionality and classic culinary expertise. 

My menus are as influenced by my California roots as they are by years of backpacking through Southeast Asia and Central America. I love the rustic elegance of wine country-esque meals, as well as the explosions of flavor and texture characterized by Panasian and traditional Mexican cuisine. In short: I am happy to keep it classic – or offer a unique contemporary experience, always featuring the culinary bounty of Maui’s farms and seas.

My training began with a classic Le Cordon Bleu degree, but I credit travel and personal experience in a myriad of kitchens more in my progression as a chef more than any single institution could ever teach. I boast almost twenty years in the hospitality industry, working both in the front and back of restaurants, event management, catering, wine industry, festival production, and weddings. I have cooked for five-year-olds, young adult cancer survivors, multi-million dollar coaches, celebrities, and spiritual leaders – and given each equal intention. 

I love creating beautiful meals. My classic chef menus feature farm-to-table ingredients with an emphasis on fresh, bright, flavorful, local and seasonal produce, fish, poultry, and meat.

My clients are locals as well as visitors to the islands. They love working with me because I am knowledgeable, passionate, personable, and dynamic as a chef. I have preset menus, but I also am happy to play and create custom creations for any palate or diet.

It means a great deal to me to be versatile and open-minded in my cooking and energy, and I love merging healthy cuisine with rich invigorating flavors – creating a new style of health food that doesn’t lack in-depth or satisfaction. I love making healthy food that doesn’t taste “healthy”! 

If you’re looking for a chef with love, passion, and knowledge to bring an intentional and interactive experience, please contact me. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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